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Annual Anniversary Photos

Annual Anniversary Photos (from summer of 2014)

Once upon a time, Tell & I celebrated our two-year-anniversary.  Little did we know, a simple anniversary photo shoot with a past acquaintance of mine would change so much about our future here in St. Louis.

Brittany Smith & I became Facebook friends while in college.  Prior to our 21st century friendship, we had met each other just once in person.  At that time, all we knew about the other was that we shared a mutual ex-boyfriend.  That’s fun, right?

I absolutely loved following this motivating, spiritual woman from afar.  (Thanks, Facebook, Instagram & blog posts!)  Via social media, I noticed Brittany had picked-up a camera & began perfecting the art of photography.  Then I saw it on Facebook.  Her newly established business, Kairos Photography, was looking for a few family representatives to show-off its skills.  Though we had no kids (just an adorable pup!), I applied.

We were chosen!  It was June of 2014, & our two-year-anniversary had just passed.  “Excellent,” I thought.  “These can be our (now) annual wedding anniversary photos!”  Brittany was a gem at working around my hectic, jam-packed schedule, & we eventually set a date to meet in mid-July.  During our photo shoot, we bounced around from favorite place to favorite place, chatted about passion & made-up for lost time.  Being around her was so easy; even my husband was a natural in front of the camera!

In the short amount of time we spent with our photographer, I sensed a genuine soul with a love for entrepreneurship & a heart on fire for Christ.  What began as a distant acquaintance, grew into business & blossomed into a friendship.  Though our schedules often conflict, Brittany & her family have easily become a staple in our life.  We owe her “THANK YOU Xs 1,000″ for the priceless photos she took for us & the multiple other ways she’s impacted our lives in less than a year (we’re talking new job, new church & introducing us to great, new people we call friends!). There’s no doubt in my mind that this busy momma-of-two is well on her way to using her God-given talents to help others find joy in wedding, family & newborn photography!  Thank you for the memories, Kairos Photography!


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