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DYI: Wedding Card Booklet

DYI: Wedding Card Booklet

It was just a few weeks ago that I realized I would have an entire weekend to myself while Tell visited friends in Springfield, MO.  In typical Jessica fashion, I started my to-accomplish list the moment I found out.

Second on that list, immediately after re-organize our entire place because it always feels good to de-clutter, was to finally do something with the stack of wedding cards we received from family & friends over two years ago.  One quick trip to the local craft store, & I had an idea of what I would make – a book of cards that was cute enough to be on display in our living room.

*Disclaimer: You’ll have to bear with me when looking at the photos for this project.  Taking photos with a camera on manual while also trying to show various steps of the DIY isn’t the easiest task to do alone. [I now realize how important it is for bloggers to have a designated photog.]

To get started, you’ll need cards from any special occasion, scissors, pencil, lace/ribbon, brads, embellishments of your choosing, scrapbook paper, thin cardboard paper, a single binder ring, 3-hole punch [or in my case, a scrapbooking hole punch] & ultra thin glue dots.

Arrange the cards in the order you’d like for them to appear.  Pull out the largest card.  This will determine the size of your booklet.

Use your largest card to trace around on your cardboard.  [I used cardboard from a cereal box – no need to purchase any special cardboard.]  Next, using whatever sharp object you prefer, cut out the cardboard.  Repeat these steps a second time.  This will be the front & back cover of your booklet.

Do the same on the scrapbooking paper you’ve selected for your covers.  I recommend a solid color for the overall page covers.  After I cut my pieces, I blotted the edges of the paper with an ink pad to give it a multi-dimensional look.

Using the glue dots, adhere the paper to each piece of cardboard.  I spaced my glue dots approximately 3/4″ apart around the edges with a few dots in the middle to hold my paper in place.  After you have your front cover properly dressed, add embellishments of your choosing.  Feel free to get creative here!  I chose to keep the back of my booklet simple [yellow only] because I wanted the pearl brads & lace to stand out.

After you’ve decorated your covers, it’s time to attach the lace/ribbon to the back cover.  Be sure to measure where you want your bow to hit in the front before fastening it to the back of your book cover.

Next, choose another sheet of scrapbooking paper to line the inside of your cover with so that you cover the backside of the cardboard & the brads’ legs.  Measure, cut & glue dot.

Ah, you’re near the end!  Hole-punch the top left corner of your covers & cards.  Be sure to properly measure the distance from both sides so that you don’t have a wonky, uneven book.  I don’t recall the name of the tool I used for punching holes in my pages, but it works so well that I was able to punch holes in 5 cards at a time.  [It’s a tool from my middle school scrapbooking days.]

Once you have holes in all pages & covers, you’re ready to slip the binder ring through the holes.  Start with the front cover and work your way back to the final page.

Clasp your ring.  Organize your cards to make them even with one another.  Tie lace [or ribbon].  Viola!  A precious, easy-to-make keepsake.

As an added bonus, I took all the comment cards our guests filled out at our post-elopement wedding reception & made a flip book of them, too!  Reading through these with Tell provides so many, “do you remember when…” and, “I wonder who said that?!” moments we’ll always cherish.


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