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Top Reasons to Include Videography in Your Wedding Budget

Top Reasons to Include Videography in Your Wedding Budget

Are you [or someone you know] trying to decide if video should make it into the wedding budget? These are our most heard reasons why you SHOULD hire a videographer [& of course we hope that videographer is us]:

1. To capture real, moving footage of moments missed. Whether you want to see what the groom did as you readied yourself [or vice versa], or how the flower girl had to be coaxed down the isle with candy while you were waiting behind closed doors, a video will allow you to relieve so many moments either missed or easily forgotten during the hustle & bustle of your wedding day.

2. It’s a time capsule of everyone exactly how they are the day of your wedding. You can hear voices & relieve the emotion surrounding your special day even years after it has passed.

3. Your kiddos will actually enjoy the wedding videos of today [compared to the lengthy video "Uncle Eddie" recorded of our generation’s parents’ weddings].

4. The quality of a video never fades! This is a keepsake that is easy to keep.

5. So that you won’t regret not having a video! Not all couples have the time to watch an entire ceremony, but a 3-7 minute highlight of the day’s events is something you’ll watch often. Not only will you actually watch a video like that, but your friends and family will also watch it [thanks to Vimeo & social media sharing!].

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