Created Space Studios

Your wedding story. Our video crew.

We create timeless highlight videos to help you remember the
wedding moments you never want to forget.

Similar to choosing a photographer, it's important that the style of a videographer's work matches that of the bride and groom. We encourage couples shopping for a wedding videographer to read through our video values and browse our video portfolio (below) to ensure that our work is something they will appreciate for years to come.

Created Space Studios Video Values

  • Approach - We value the behind-the-scenes approach to filming so that we can capture moments exactly how they happen.  This means we blend into the background and avoid choreographing staged-for-video scenes when our cameras are rolling.

  • Timelessness - Although we are fans of trends in videography, we also recognize that trends soon become outdated. We try our best to support artistic moments in our videos without ignoring classic techniques that will remain timeless and enjoyable to watch when our couples celebrate 1, 25 and 50-year anniversaries. 

  • Relationships - It is important for us to get to know our couples prior to booking Created Space Studios and in the years, months and days leading up to their wedding day. This helps us ensure we book couples we know we will enjoy working with and often times establishes a genuine relationship that goes well beyond hiring us to shoot video! 

Enjoy these Created Space Studios highlight videos pulled from our collection
and be sure to click "HD" for the best online quality!


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